Science Exchange announces acquisition of OnDeckBiotech
OnDeckBiotech is excited to join the Science Exchange team. Existing users can continue to use the OnDeckBiotech platform and will continue to receive the same level of support. Learn More
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"OnDeckBiotech Accelerates the Business of Biotech - Networking Globally & Communicating Confidentially"

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  • Develop a global network of your peers and colleagues
  • Expand service provider and supplier sourcing for your next project
  • Protect your confidentiality and IP
  • Accelerate evaluation & diligence
  • Centralize supplier and project management on a secure platform
  • Free to use
  • Build awareness of your organization and the services your offer
  • Communicate directly with a global network of biotech and pharma companies
  • Centralize client communication & proposal management
  • Communicate and share data securely
  • Pay nothing unless and until you win business

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