Science Exchange announces acquisition of OnDeckBiotech
OnDeckBiotech is excited to join the Science Exchange team. Existing users can continue to use the OnDeckBiotech platform and will continue to receive the same level of support. Learn More
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How Does OnDeck Work for Biopharma Companies?

Develop a global network of peers and colleagues

  • Explore OnDeck's global network of biopharma companies and service providers
  • Communicate confidentially with any member - whether the goal is learning, business development, or exploring a development relationship

Source service providers for your next contract service request

  • Search the global network to identify capable suppliers; check feedback they've received
  • Ask your peers for recommendations based on their past experience
  • Send confidential project "briefs" to rapidly confirm supplier capability and interest

Leverage sophisticated, user-friendly tools & templates to accelerate evaluation & diligence

  • Create, execute, and store CDAs through the platform to protect your IP
  • Share documentation through our secure data rooms
  • Collect & compare proposals in a centralized location

Ensure successful project outcomes and maintain timelines

  • Create shared project workrooms with collaborative task lists and deliverable schedules
  • Monitor project progress and trajectory; quickly identify potential bottlenecks
  • Maintain a secure record of documentation, communication, and deliverables

Centralize all RFP and project management

  • Conduct supplier relations using one shared platform
  • Maintain documentation and an archive of historical activity

Let our dedicated advisors do the work for you!

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