Science Exchange announces acquisition of OnDeckBiotech
OnDeckBiotech is excited to join the Science Exchange team. Existing users can continue to use the OnDeckBiotech platform and will continue to receive the same level of support. Learn More
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How Does OnDeck Work for Service Providers?

Build your network and raise awareness of your services and capabilities

  • Communicate directly with other network members - share updates as your capabilities evolve or as you achieve key milestones
  • Explore the network to develop a contact list of companies that may seek your services in the future
  • Create a detailed network profile for biopharmas searching for service providers and other vendors searching for subcontractors
  • Solicit and share feedback from past clients on past project work

Leverage sophisticated, user-friendly tools & templates to accelerate evaluation & diligence

  • Create, execute and store CDAs to give prospective partners the confidence they need to share valuable information
  • Share documentation through our secure data rooms

Centralize proposal management and maintain calendar of important events & deadlines

  • Create and share proposals side-by-side with RFP parameters
  • Share proposals via the platform to organize deadlines and tasks due, regardless of client

Ensure successful project outcomes and maintain timelines

  • Create shared project workrooms with collaborative task lists and deliverable schedules
  • Monitor project progress and trajectory; quickly identify potential bottlenecks
  • Identify subcontractors to fill capability gaps, extend client relationships
  • Maintain a secure record of documentation, communication, and deliverables

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